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  • 2006 Litchfield Subaru Forester 2.5STi
  • 2000 Subaru Impreza turbo PPP

Certified petrolhead - long time Subaru owner, mostly high specced (PPP, STi or other performance mods) and will race anything with an engine.

Have been monkeying around with engines since the late eighties.

comment Diagnostic, diy repair guides, technical manuals
Most of these are manufacturer specific and not shared with anyone other than approved service centres, so I'm not sure whether you will get many useful answers to this one.
comment Why don't my wipers clean the windshield very well?
you should change wipers or at least wash them well and rub them with a rain-X soaked tissue. That should help. In general, with Rain-X you shouldn't need to use wipers at all for a while - that's the general idea.
comment Why do head gaskets fail in diesel engines?
That all depends - the longer the gasket survived, the more chance something else happened, but I have had head gaskets fail with no other damage to the engine, just to cooling components or hoses.
comment Fuel efficiency and altitude
hmmm - interesting. I have to admit the link between power and mpg may not be direct. I get a dramatic difference in power but didn't check mpg at the same time. Your ECU may do something relatively intelligent
comment Removing front panel to install new stereo? (Toyota Levin 97)
If you pop this as an answer you can accept your own answer - gives you rep points, and lets this question live in the 'answered' pile.
comment Why use a car battery charger?
This is especially true through cold winters
comment 2005 chrysler neon clunking noise from front end
Can you identify even generally where the sound is coming from? eg Left, Right, Centre. This would help - and is the vibration from the same area as the clunk?
comment Ford Focus door not latching closed at freezing temperatures
SOunds about right - this is one of those areas moisture gets into so it wouldn't surprise me. Once the WD-40 has done it's work I would also go for a silicon lube.
comment Just HOW urgently should I replace this tire? Is it safe to drive on at all?
@BrianKnoblauch - offtopic, but had a great time with a blowout at 120mph in a Le Mans car. Managed to brake in a straight line down to 60mph but then things became very exciting. Very glad I had runoff on that track. Made me think just how scary that would be on a road!!
comment Car is frozen. cannot start
If the starter isn't actually turning the engine over, you can try the tried and tested method af walloping the starter motor with a hammer. I had one car which responded well to this treatment.
comment Is it possible to harm your car by giving someone a boost?
@bobpaul - yep - updated. Thanks
comment What's happening when you give someone a boost?
A quick process point - I would always start the good car before attaching the wires, as otherwise if the good battery is slightly low you might have trouble starting the good car (current may be drawn through the bad battery from the good one)
comment Block Heater Plug Location 2007 Ford Focus
If it isn't in your manual, are you certain it has one? I have never had a car with one so this is just a guess.
comment What is the technical reason the engineer decided the motorcycle gear pattern as follows?
@dave - that's a very good point. Hadn't thought of that, but it makes perfect sense.
comment Why does my automatic 2002 Honda Accord EX V6 seem to struggle when shifting gears?
Posting at a weekend definitely impacts your views. I have edited out the non-constructive comment you left.
comment How do I keep my wheels looking nice and shiny after cleaning them?
Yes - I had some Simple Green stuff once - but haven't found it in the UK. The local Halfords has something similar which does the job nearly as well.
comment clutch being depressed engages starter
Interesting issues - you have obviously got the electrics screwed up, perhaps an incorrect module version, or short circuits...however, without more information (type of car, versions, specific symptoms, what checks you have currently carried out etc) the question is not going to get useful answers. You can edit your question to update with this info.
comment How to know if timing belt failure will result in immediate engine damage?
Good video. And a +1 for 'purely out of spite' - it seems to feel that way sometimes :-)
comment What is the rattle near my VIN tag and how do I fix it?
Useful to know, in case it happens to one of mine:)
comment Jet performance chips & mfgr warranties
Certainly not in the UK - here if you haven't told the insurance company the exact detail of all the mods you have made (including chipping) your insurance becomes null and void. They won't tell you this until you try to claim, obviously.