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  • 2006 Litchfield Subaru Forester 2.5STi
  • 2000 Subaru Impreza turbo PPP

Certified petrolhead - long time Subaru owner, mostly high specced (PPP, STi or other performance mods) and will race anything with an engine.

Have been monkeying around with engines since the late eighties.

comment What's the car brand with the “R” logo?
This question appears to be off-topic because it is not about motor vehicle maintenance or repair.
comment How can I test my EGR?
This doesn't answer the OP's question at all.
comment Why does a diesel sound like that?
It's like the way a V12 engine sounds different to a boxer-4. They are different, the mechanics are different: so they sound different.
comment Finding cars that a particular battery is compatible with
Hi Matt - the way it works is that all cars are compatible except those that specifically list otherwise (for reasons of size, extra current requirements etc) so there is no list held (as far as I am aware) for which cars a particular battery is compatible with. Just no need for one.
comment What is the cost of general maintenance on VW Jetta TDI (diesel)
beta - I have left you a comment on that proposal. I don't think there is any value in trying to create a small subset of an existing site.
comment High engine temperature
My car runs the radiator cooling fan for a long time even after I shut off the engine. Are you sure you have a problem, or maybe you are just unused to the Micra?
comment Diesel vs Petrol motorcars. Pro's and cons?
I had a message from someone in Saudi who pointed out that he could fill up the tank of a Nissan Armada for under £4!
comment BMW 320i e36 VS BMW 325i e36
This question appears to be off-topic because it is not about maintenance or repair. Instead the OP should simply read the info BMW provide.
comment 2000 mazda MPV 6 cylinder LX
You have given nowhere near enough information for us to try and diagnose - the garage had it several days, and reckon a rebuild is required to help them find and fix it. I'd suggest letting them do it.
comment Car sputtering and stalling when idle and going into first gear
I have tried to sort formatting and readability, and removed the cost part of the question as this is so variable by location.
comment How to determine type of battery
Perhaps: requires battery type xxxxx :-)
comment 1996 Toyota Camry - ignition or wiring
This will likely be a Toyota service activity: reset your key
comment Anyone knows of a tutorial on how to remove/replace the radio and AC unit in a 2001 Subaru Legacy?
The radio is a piece of cake, to be honest. The hardest bit is popping the dash without scratching it, but then it's obvious. As far as a/c goes, the dash module is as easy as the radio, but as Paulster says, replacing the actual guts of the thing is not for beginners.
comment Wheel alignment. Should I have said something?
Sergio - i change my tires every 10k miles or sooner if the wear seriously impacts handling. I would consider alignment essential every change. So that is two changes and alignments a year. Every year.
comment 2003 Nissan 350 Z won't accelerate
Martin - can you give a bit more detail in your answer. As it stands, this is not very useful.
comment Will a 12 V cooler box significantly affect the performance/gas mileage of my car?
Joshua, it doesn't matter - 0.08hp is so low it has negligible effect.
comment Clicking type sound when braking at low speeds
Is there a lump in the edge of the brake disc that could be just touching the pad when engaged?
comment Volvo 440 GL with 2 liter motor vibrating without gear, why? And how to diagnose this?
You'll need to describe the vibration - is it a mechanical clatter, a vibration from the engine, does it change with engine revs, does it sound like a cylinder is misfiring - ie an uneven noise etc. Without this description it can be a bit difficult to guess the particular problem you are having. Perhaps record it and post a link to the audio?
comment Should i check quantity of battery liquid?
The batteries in the pictures both have caps - so you can check and fill.
comment Windshield wipers stop and motor makes noise
Nah - just had to fix exactly this on a friends car last month. Needed to straighten the rod attached to the motor and it sorted out both wipers. That said, i think your answer is probably the right one.