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comment What's That Honey Smell?
I just had this inspected by the dealer. They claim that they pressure-checked the coolant system and could not detect any leak. Additionally, there are rodent droppings in the engine compartment. They suggest that there may be a rodent nesting next to the heater core and that the smell I've been noticing is evaporated rat urine. Before I have my dash torn apart for close to a grand, does this sound reasonable to anyone?
comment What's That Honey Smell?
Not to my knowledge. It makes sense to me to look at that. I'll see if I can have that done and respond back. Thanks.
comment Gurgling Noise Behind Dash
That was it exactly. Although, I didn't burp it (get the air out) myself; I took it into a shop. It also seems (yet to verify) that the reason there was air in the cooling system was that I had an old radiator cap which was allowing air in (and coolant out). I'll drive it this weekend and update this thread with any pertinent information.