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comment Standard headlight socket type for 2006 Forester
So basically even within the same model year Subaru chose to use at least three different socket types for the same make, and nobody knows why?
comment How can I diagnose a scraping sound when turning left?
Turns out the problem was #2, although I didn't find it all that embarrassing. :)
comment turning right causing small vibration and noise
What does it sound like? Is it a scraping sound or something else? Does it vary with the steering wheel, the speed of your turn, or what gear you're in? I wonder if this is related to the question I just posted.
comment How to carry a full-sized spare?
@Patrick thanks, but I regularly drive between Philadelphia and Rochester, and the last two times I've gotten a flat have been around hour 1-2 of a five hour drive. Driving the 45-50 mph that the donut is rated at for the rest of the trip is hard enough to tolerate, not to mention the stress on the diff. Between the two, I'd rather have the full banging around in the trunk.
comment How to carry a full-sized spare?
Thanks, Alex. What I've been told is that the different tread depth on the spare versus the other 3 is also likely to cause the differential some wear, but I can't imagine it's worse than would be caused by the donut. So anyway, with this approach it sounds like I would have to sacrifice some vertical space, but I'd gain stability and it'd look better. Does that sound about right?
comment How to carry a full-sized spare?
I had thought of mounting it on the back, but I'm not sure I can do this without blocking the plate. I might have to mount the plate on the spare. Either way, it'd probably be unsightly.