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I am a software developer (by profession), BitCoin & crypto-currency evangelist, craft beer & single malt whiskey drinker, and Christian. My interests include programming, politics, economics & global finance, biblical theology, formula one racing, cars, good beer or whiskey, and probably some other things I've neglected to mention.


I have been programming since I was 14, and have never looked back. As a professional developer I work for an airline as part of a scrum team, using the Microsoft technology stack. I am proficient in C#, ASP.NET, MVC, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Typescript and jQuery. I am constantly working on personal development projects to sharpen my skills as a developer and keep my mind active and learning constantly. I also actively participate in the Typescript project on GitHub and have contributed to discussions surrounding the language and how it relates to ECMAScript.


I am a great believer in digital currencies; BitCoin being the most popular of these right now. Anyone who understands fiat currency systems knows that they are not sustainable and inevitably lead to economic collapse. I genuinely believe that the future on global economic finance is in digital, cryptographically secure currency systems which do not follow the mechanics of fiat currency systems.


I am by no means an aficionado when it comes to craft beer or whiskey. I’m relatively new to the scene and I know what I like; that being ultra-hoppy, small batch IPAs, and well-aged single malt whiskeys. My favourite brewery at the moment is Brewdog, but I have a few other favourites including The Kernel and Moor. My favourite beer at the moment is Brewdog IPA Is Dead - Citra. It’s a bit of a rarity as I believe it’s a seasonal beer, but boy-oh-boy…it’s good!


I was raised in a Christian family and at the age of 16, made the decision for myself to continue following in the faith. Since then there have been various aspects to my life where I have sought deep spiritual understanding from the faith and through biblical understanding.


Well I guess that’s about enough background for now. Feel free to drop me a line with any questions or comments.

comment Electronic problem with Ford Fiesta diesel
I have the same problem - MAF replaced but still experiencing issues. Have you had any luck?
comment Vaxhall Astra H clutch problem
In what conditions would clutch fluid boil?
comment Automobile EDR / Black Box - What is it for?
Bedfordshire, England. When she rang up to arrange the policy, they said non of their policies come without a black box, but I think it's complete nonsense. I guarantee next years insurance will be with someone else, and will be less that her renewal quote from this company, at which point, they will likely be shoving their black box, where you're suggesting they stick it!
comment Automobile EDR / Black Box - What is it for?
LOL, sounds like a novel idea, but pretty sure if they caught on, they would cancel your policy and ban you for life
comment Automobile EDR / Black Box - What is it for?
I quite agree, I hate the idea of information monitoring! I don't think she has put me down as a named driver on her policy, however my insurance policy allows me to drive other cars on a 3rd party basis provided that the car is insured.
comment Vauxhall Astra clutch/flywheel
@theUg, yes indeed, but do you see where it says that it is suitable for the 1.8 petrol too? Maybe that is just the clutch component, not the flywheel.
comment Vauxhall Astra clutch/flywheel
Thanks, that's exactly the type of answer I was looking for! The mechanic says there was no damage to the existing flywheel (not d/m) so it has not been replaced, however the clutch has been replaced. along with a full gearbox strip down and recon.