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comment Chrysler Voyager 1997 - How to run defrost without automatic switch on the AC?
Yes, it's always possible to disable it by disconnecting the clutch. But what some people look for is a way to conveniently run windshield defrost without the A/C compressor running. Because while dehumidifying with the A/C makes defrosting work better, sometimes you don't need max effectiveness, and it would be nice to be able to leave it on low without the constant A/C drag on the engine. This is especially true in vehicles where the A/C load on the engine is perceptible. Disconnecting the A/C clutch means you can't easily turn it on when you do need maximum effectiveness.
comment What type of Anti-Seize compound should be used on spark plugs?
Permatex is the brand I see most here in the US. They have three on their website. Nickel and copper, and one that doesn't state the contents in the name. But that one says it's a mix of aluminum, copper, and graphite.
comment Running with straight water as coolant in the summer. Is it fine?
Many race tracks require you to drain all coolant and replace with just water, as spilled coolant in the event of a crash or mechanical failure can make the track slippery. This is common on strips for drag racing, and for tracks with motorcycles. I've always used Water Wetter in my motorcycle, though many just use plain water.
comment Why should the fuel petcock valve be turned to “Off” position when not using the vehicle?
It is often referred to as hydrolock. Here is one reference: Note that article references vacuum controlled petcocks, and points out that while they are convenient, they can fail.