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comment Gear Shifting is Very Hard
Have you checked that the clutch is releasing fully? With the engine off, does it shift into 1st easily? And once in gear and clutch lever squeezed, does the motorcycle roll freely? If not, the clutch is dragging.
comment Problem switching in new dome lights in the front
... or if they're LEDs and have positive/negative reversed. (and not reversed when you tested it.)
comment Brake fluid doesn't move in the master cylinder container
@JPhi1618, google tells me that is correct, if you want to go ahead and make your comment an answer.
comment Seized nut & bolt - difficult to access
@Ben: could be, and that's more likely. But since it sounds like it is stripped, the suggestion still applies. With a helper and an impact driver, I think this is the easiest option, and worth an attempt.
comment 2003 honda civic overheats only after freeway speeds
do you hear the electric fan at the radiator turn on when it overheats? It isn't needed at travel speeds, but should be coming on as you slow down if the coolant is hot enough.
comment What is a transmission filter kit?
This looks like a followup question based on a comment to this question. It is a manual transmission, there is no filter.
comment Motorbike chain tight when in gear pushed forward but loose when rolled backward
It sounds like your assessment of "tight" and "loose" is based solely on the droop of the lower span of chain from the bottom of the rear sprocket to the transmission output. If so, the tightness isn't changing. You're just seeing tension or slack in that section based on movement direction. (I can't think of any other reason it would change rolling forward and backward, unless the suspension is also going up and down.)
comment No water flow in the radiator - 99 Cadillac STS
Another possibility is that the cooling system was not sufficiently purged of air after the water pump and thermostat were replaced.
comment Chrysler Voyager 1997 - How to run defrost without automatic switch on the AC?
Yes, it's always possible to disable it by disconnecting the clutch. But what some people look for is a way to conveniently run windshield defrost without the A/C compressor running. Because while dehumidifying with the A/C makes defrosting work better, sometimes you don't need max effectiveness, and it would be nice to be able to leave it on low without the constant A/C drag on the engine. This is especially true in vehicles where the A/C load on the engine is perceptible. Disconnecting the A/C clutch means you can't easily turn it on when you do need maximum effectiveness.
comment What type of Anti-Seize compound should be used on spark plugs?
Permatex is the brand I see most here in the US. They have three on their website. Nickel and copper, and one that doesn't state the contents in the name. But that one says it's a mix of aluminum, copper, and graphite.
comment Running with straight water as coolant in the summer. Is it fine?
Many race tracks require you to drain all coolant and replace with just water, as spilled coolant in the event of a crash or mechanical failure can make the track slippery. This is common on strips for drag racing, and for tracks with motorcycles. I've always used Water Wetter in my motorcycle, though many just use plain water.
comment Why should the fuel petcock valve be turned to “Off” position when not using the vehicle?
It is often referred to as hydrolock. Here is one reference: Note that article references vacuum controlled petcocks, and points out that while they are convenient, they can fail.