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I am a carbon based life-form that sustains itself through the oxidation and chemical decomposition of pieces of other carbon based life-forms. I enjoy bi- and quad-wheeled internal combustion powered vehicles, coordinating the activities of complex binary computational devices, and the translation of pictorial objects and/or alpha-numeric characters into an internal representation of another life-form's narrative ideas. Oh, and Diet Mt Dew.

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comment Found this in my wheel
The dust shields protect the brake system from getting too much road debris accumulating in the brake system. So the car is safe to drive without them, but you should get it replaced at earliest convenience to help prevent damage (and more repairs) later on.
comment Squealing sound when I start car
If the tensioner pulley is not spring loaded, it just may need the adjustment bolt tightened or loosened to add a little more tension to the belt.
comment Is an 50 ft/lb air wrench (not impact wrench) strong enough to remove brake assemblies
I agree. Use a breaker bar if you can, or for tighter spots, a wrench with a length of pipe on it for leverage. Once the bolt or nut is moving, you can use the ratchet or power wrench of your choice to speed the rest of the removal.