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I am currently studying Mechatronics at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of University of Banja Luka.

I devote my free time to software development. I started coding in high school where my love for programming came to life. I am mostly self-taught and did not have much formal education when it comes to software engineering. While this may have some downsides, I feel privileged to not be biased by anyone's preferences in programming languages and coding styles - I was allowed to choose what best suited me and develop my own style of coding.

I have worked as a software developer in a company which produced electronic roulette systems, poker and slot machines and jukeboxes, where I was introduced to the world of electronics for the first time.

Combined software engineering, electronics and mechanical engineering was a logical path for me to follow and I am looking forward to career in these fields.

comment Wipers not working on timer
Do wipers work when set to wipe continuously in slower and faster modes?
comment Megane release childlock without button
Perhaps you can remove the fuse which is associated with child locks. Of course, this should only be a temporary solution, and you should pay attention to which other functions the fuse is related to.