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comment How to drive a car in snow
@happybuddha: Not that I know of. Different manufacturers have different brand names for winter and summer tyres, usually a quick search will tell you which is which. You can tell by tread pattern, profile and siping usually, but you need to have seen them before ;-)
comment How to lubricate automotive locks?
WD40 is not a lubricant, it's a degreaser. It works because it takes away the old gunk in the lock, but it doesn't lubricate much by itself.
comment Cleaning fuel injectors with a pressurized can?
Ultrasonic cleaners can be had from $30 upwards, depending on size and features. Some of these are marketed as jewellery cleaning boxes, but will work perfectly for your purposes. As a bonus, your significant other can also use them.
comment Muffler off car. Safe to drive with exhaust open underneath?
If the catalytic converter is missing, you might get into much more trouble than startling a few neighbours' kids and cats. But you are right, the sound and feeling is truly epic -- I've experienced this myself on an old BMW a friend of mine used to have; the whole town knew we were out and about.