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comment Why does my turn signals intermittently flash fast?
Indeed. Turn on all of your lights, as well as the 4-way blinkers and walk around your car to see which is dead.
comment How can I keep my backup camera lens clean?
I would not recommend NeverWet as it will not go on CLEARLY. It has a tendency to leave a residue, so the camera output will seem blurry at best.
comment Why are drum brakes still fitted on Ford's cars?
Adding on to this - the braking percentages are something on the order of 70Front/30Rear or 80Front/20Rear in some cases.
comment How to increase braking power in fully loaded Wagon-R
I have to agree with both of you - mac you do make a point about "TRUE" track pads...and in light of that, I would suggest racing pads, etc. I experience the same as Brian does - much better performance over the stock pads both cold and hot.
comment How to increase braking power in fully loaded Wagon-R
High performance summer tires are not at all recommended in the rain / cold weather obviously. High performance all-season tires are what I use on my car and they are absolutely astounding compared to the cheapos the car came with. True track/racing brake pads do need to come up to temperature before they develop "bite" and yes, they can be terrifying and dangerous when cold - I know that firsthand. But when compared to stock pads, I'd rather have a terrifying first 10 minutes of driving than having to worry about not having a good brake system in case of emergencies.
comment Why does a car's engine vibrate at start, despite the circular geometry of its component's dynamics
Pretty much as I can best explain it
comment What is the specificity of Formula 1 engines, that enables them to reach 18.000 RPM?
Very welcome! Glad you found the answer helpful
comment Steering Wheel Shake New Car Performance Tires
@BobHorn If the tires are just slightly out of balance, it could be that when they warm up after driving for a bit they absorb most of the vibration, or if its a loose nut or bolt, the heat absorbed into the nut/bolt from the road and surrounding components makes it expand and tighten...just a thought
comment Manually shifting an automatic transmission?
Not that I can recall...I've sent the car off to the mechanic, but don't recall the Trans fluid smelling burnt. And nope, never downshifted at too high a speed
comment Installing Tachometer on bike
Sorry Larry - offered a Google string that would bring up results and articles related to it. My apologies, will edit to reflect a more detailed answer now.