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comment Part number for intake warm air flap on VW Jetta MkII
@DucatiKiller, hi, yes, I think I managed to get the part number and order the part on ebay, hopefully it will fit. I asked here because I hoped somebody else has a similar car or access to a parts catalog and could tell me the number. Nobody did, but you can't blame me for trying :)
comment Oil pressure decresases when I step on the gas
@Allman, could be, the fact is that the oil pressure depends on the torque direction of the crankshaft. If the engine is turning the wheels - lower pressure, if the wheels are turning the engine - higher pressure.
comment Oil pressure decresases when I step on the gas
Yes, and if the hose isn't attached correctly, oil drips near the pedals. I actually started noticing this after the last oil change (which included a filter change), I trust the mechanic used appropriate oil and filter. The odometer has been replaced several times so nobody knows the true distance the car has traveled, but it is most likely a lot.
comment Oil pressure decresases when I step on the gas
The pressure seems to drop when the engine is working harder to speed up and increase when the engine is being turned by the wheels. The pressure gauge (there is no separate sensor, just an oil hose to the gauge) could be faulty, but why would it act like that?
comment Charging battery after a jump start
Car alternators do not charge with very high current. If the battery was completely flat, something like a ลก hour drive may be needed to recharge it. Or you could always use a battery charger.
comment Mercedes W123 engine “jumpy” when cold
I have ordered a rebuild kit for the carb and while replacing the seals I will look into repairing the choke. Will see how it goes.
comment VW Jetta II - engine misfires when climbing a hill
The ignition timing seems to be correct - I checked it with a timing light. Ignition advance also seems to be working - both centrifugal and vacuum operated. The broken vacuum line goes to a deice on the intake (before air filter) which selects cold air or hot air (heated by the exhaust manifold). The fuel pump is mechanical, but the next time I will try to check if there is any fuel in the carburetor. As for proper components - I try, but not everything is available.
comment Engine does not have enough power (and has limited RPM)
While I did not risk taking the carb apart, I finally found a competent mechanic who managed to repair the engine. And yes, the diaphragm had two holes in it. Now the car is really quick (did not test top speed (yet), but acceleration is really fast).