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I'm a hobbiest programmer working for IERUS Tech, Inc, a start up R&D firm in electromagnetics.

I am an avid VB.NET fan, and I recently have come to love Qt with C++. I enjoy writing programs just to see what I can do, which usually follows me wondering how far I could take it, and wondering what more I can add.

My sandbox of all the things:

Hello. C write I. Me no know English but good programmer very.

Well, you shouldn't sign it if you're his student. That's like signing up for Anal Commando IV, as a training dummy.

Keyboard error or no keyboard. Press F6 to continue.

"I don't care for people in funny hats, they seem to demand something on the account they are wearing a funny hat."

Reading from file to stringstream

I'm not the kind of girl that dereferences on the first night

comment How do I know when I should shift gear only by seeing the speedometer and tachometer?
@MikeDeck Honestly, I prefer to stay within the SE family as much as possible, mainly due to quality. I understand the site is titled Maintenance and Repair, however it's the best thing I could find for a motor vehicle Q&A in the SE family. See also: "But why create a second site which will just divide the attention of users interested in cars, when we can just broaden the definition of this one?"
comment Automatic transmission: Is shifting to neutral while approaching stops bad?
I believe WRT manual transmissions, the idea was to reduce wear on the clutch and use the brakes instead, which are far easier to replace.
comment Is starting your car with the A/C on bad?
I suppose this would be another question, but some research I did on this a while back suggests some cars disengage everything from the motor (and indirectly the starter), i.e. radio, lights, a/c clutch. Is this true?