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Support Motorcycles, Mopeds and Scooters and Recreational Boating on SE Area 51.

Automobiles I have experience with:

  • Currently own/have access to:

    • Mk. III (A3, Typ 1H) VW Jetta, I4 2.0l ABA engine (1992–1999, a.k.a. Golf, Vento etc.). Have factory manual.
    • Ford Escort Wagon (NA, third generation (1997–2002)).
  • Previously owned/had worked on:

    • BMW 325es (E30 platform, 1982–1994). Have factory manual (PDF).
    • Ford Escort Hatchback (NA, second generation (1991–1996)).
    • Dodge Omni (1978–1990, a.k.a. Plymouth Horizon).

Motorcycles I have experience with:

  • Currently own/have access to:

    • Suzuki TU250X (2009–present, FI upgrade of older TU/Volty, a.k.a. ST250, shares many engine and chassis parts with other single-cylinder Suzukis such as GZ250 and GN250 dating back to 1980s).

    • Kawasaki Vulcan 750 (1985–2006).

    • Kawasaki Vulcan 800 (VN800, 1995–2006).

  • Previously owned/had worked on:

    • Honda SL125S (street-legal version of late 60s–early 70s trail bike).