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comment Wiper fluid sprayer no longer works on Nissan Sunny 1997. Could it be a blown fuse?
In the end I ran out of time to solve this myself and took it to an auto-electrician. He said if it was a fuse causing the issue then the wipers wouldn't be working still. He replaced the pump with a second hand one and I was good to go. Cost was about NZ$90 (ouch). Thanks very much for your advice!
comment How to replace the fuse for both indicators on a Nissan Wingroad 2004?
Thanks very much for the advice! This answer fits very well with everything that's happening. I took it to a local auto electrician, and they fixed it for NZ$10, which was surprisingly cheap. Unfortunately I can't confirm exactly what the issue was, as the person who did the work was out to lunch when I picked it up.