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.NET, Python/Django, HTML/JS/CSS, and Unity developer who enjoys a good bit of devops as well. Also a writer, knitter/crocheter, gamer, reader, and cook.

I co-run Future Proof Games, an indie game company. We've released two games: Ossuary (written in AS3) and Exploit: Zero Day (written in TypeScript using Phaser). I'm a jack-of-all-trades for FPG: I do game design, biz dev, marketing, programming, accounting, devops -- my partner and I do everything.

You can follow me on twitter, FPG on twitter, or read our dev blog.

comment Pros/cons of higher profile tires?
Thanks @BobCross! I've decided it's worthwhile to stick with the original-size tires. Like you, I don't deal with much snow, and while I "only" drive an Elantra, I do appreciate good handling. :-)