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comment Does intermittent starting difficulty indicate alternator or starter?
The OP didn't really say that it ran fine. He said he had 'no problems' driving to work, but that's not to say that it was not running sluggish. Besides, these were simply fallback suggestions, in the case that the alternator, battery, and starter are all fine.
comment High idle and car shakes badly
Does your temperature sensor ever show the engine getting warmer? If so, how warm? typically, motors operate at a higher idle when the engine is cool until the coolant warms up, and then the idle drops. If your temperature sensor is malfunctioning, the ECU may think the engine is still cool and keep the idle high. Also, you may have a cracked vacuum line.
comment Typical Stock Boost Values
That's the thing, I don't know any particular car models to reference. I do know from speaking to some Ford and GM engineers that both these OEMs are moving towards undersized vehicles with boosting, in order to meet tougher CAFE standards. I don't know of any that are currently on the market though. Are most stock boosted motors strictly boosted for performance?
comment Typical Stock Boost Values
I've looked through the mentioned section in Heywood, and even read a good portion of the section on knock. I'm not looking for any more insight than that, i'd just like to know broadly what range or pressures engines are boosted to. Is 15 psi an upper limit, and is that usually reserved for performance vehicles? Or are greater boost values common?
comment Typical Stock Boost Values
I've added some detail to my original post to address some of your questions
comment Misfire the next morning if car runs only for 15 seconds
I would guess that any oil on the cables would eventually seep through the protective covering, and cause a short on the wires. At first startup, this would cause the wires to heat up and eventually burn off whatever minute amount of oil was causing the short. After this, the car would run normal. After letting the car sit for a bit, however, the oil has a chance to seep back through the plastic covering and cause a misfire again. I should emphasize that this is purely speculative, however. Replace those cables!