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comment 1999 Dodge Ram - New Mirrors, Weird Behavior
That's an interesting idea that I did not consider. I think the switch is faulty, however -- I'm waiting for a replacement before going much further.
comment 1999 Dodge Ram - New Mirrors, Weird Behavior
Complete assemblies. I looked up in the maintenance manual how to check the power mirror control unit and it looks like it is bad. I'm waiting until a replacement gets here to verify that and answer it officially.
comment Are there comprehensive parts lists available for vehicles?
@Paulster2 I'd hate to have to keep calling the dealer for every little part I need to replace. I was hoping there was an independently searchable resource somewhere that mechanics might know about that the lay-man wouldn't.
comment How can I route power cables from my 2012 Kia Forte eco from the battery to the cabin?
Thanks, and 10 points subtracted for me as I'm a member of that very same forum. My Google-Fu failed me.