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comment Hit a wall with my car how to remove paint?
Thanks Bob. A use of detergent soap and wet cloth got rid of the paint.
comment How can I get rid of door dings?
Shucks! Your car is like a mirror!
comment Hit a wall with my car how to remove paint?
I got a similar paint mark on my car body after brushing lightly against a gate. Rubbing the area with a wet cloth appeared to get some of the paint onto the cloth, but I'm afraid the water might corrode any tiny sections where the car paint itself got scratched off to expose the metal. Is corrosion a risk? Or do I first use the wet cloth and then use the wax to ensure that oxygen does not reach the metal?
comment Fixing cuts on the seat
Thanks, but I don't think Dr.Vinyl is available in India.
comment Battery does not work after servicing?
The service center people came home to check the battery and they say the battery needs to be replaced (bike). They said the battery cells died out (how can that be, when it was working fine until we gave it for servicing?). For the car, they said it just needs to be recharged, and even recharging never helped. We eventually had to replace it. No problems with the connections. The service center has too many vehicles to cater to, to attend to a long servicing. They get the job done as quick as possible.
comment Repairing a motorcycle tire puncture. With heat or without heat?
That's true. The mechanic told me that after he repairs it, many more faults will develop in the tube. Sure enough, two months later another fault occurred in the tube, and I replaced the tube with a new one. I should've just replaced the tube the first time itself. It really was a waste to try repairing it.
comment What problems can come from AC not running for years?
Years? You're supposed to run the AC at least once a month for a minute so that the fluids flow though it.
comment Car engine starts only for a fraction of a second and doesn't anymore?
Well, I wanted to try and get the car running to take it for a servicing (instead of having to call a mechanic home), so I'd just like to get it to start first.
comment If the engine starts and keeps running, is my fuel pump okay?
That's cool! You might also want to hear how a similar interesting problem puzzled GM for a while (won't spoil the ending by mentioning it here):