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comment Is it possible to harm your car by giving someone a boost?
Connecting jumper cables in reverse will probably damage one or both of your batteries, most likely the battery in the dead car as the good car will have it's alternator running. Other components may or may not have diode protection, but if they do, fuses will not blow. Fuses blow due to high current across the fuse. Reversing 12v and Gnd could cause this in circuits lacking reverse bias protection. Circuits that are protected by diodes should cause no current, meaning no fuses blown. So if you do blow a fuse after reversing +/-, you've probably ruined something else, or gotten very lucky.
comment How do I mix up my own windshield washing liquid for low temperatures?
You shouldn't need 100% empty, just enough to reach your freeze point. Making up numbers, lets say a 10% mix of antifreeze to fluid protects to -20C. A 20% mix might protect to -30C. If you pour a 10% mix into a partially full tank, you might end up with something like a 5% mixture and get maybe -10C. If there's just a splash at the bottom, it shouldn't make a difference. That it's different brands is what made me question your diligence. Maybe one brand has a poor mix, but they all can't. And I've never heeded brands and it's much colder here. Sounds like you're doing everything right.