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I'm a hobbyist programmer, part-time sysadmin, and full-time data center management, automation, and cloud computing architect and delivery engineer.

I have experience with myriad editors, shells, and OSes. While I have my [strong] preferences, am pretty much beyond the religious wars of "what's best" when it comes to platform, editor, or toolset: if it works for the problem at hand, and you know it, it's [probably] worthwhile :)

comment Adjusting the idle setting on a 2005 Cavalier
fwiw - I had an Escort station wagon years back that did the same thing .. and it was "by design"
comment Car dying at low RPM only after filling up with gas
have you checked the fuel filter?
comment 2004 Ford Escape battery light comes on intermittently - what likely cause(s) are there?
I have not - but can check that later today ... thanks for the pointer