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comment Body Paint Scratch Repair
The Suzuki dealer I called informed me that they do not carry touch-up paint. This seemed odd to me, but they referred me to for touch-up paint, which when I went through their Pain Wizard linked me to I ordered the recommended touch-up paint pen, and when all was said and done it matched very well with the existing paint.
comment Sloshing Sound Under Dash
I've recently noticed that when this "running water" sound occurs that it is more prominent when the engine is running faster (e.g. during acceleration). This leads me to believe maybe this has something to do with the water pump, or some other liquid pump, that is run by the engine and not moving enough liquid to fill the pipe, hence a sloshing / running water sound.
comment Body Paint Scratch Repair
My "local" Suzuki dealer is an almost 2 hour drive from my home. It's hard to justify eating up most of my Saturday to fix such a little thing. The affected area is not immediately visible, so all I really need is just a little clear coat. (Maybe I just answered my own question.)