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comment Wobbly Steering-wheel after changing Rims/Tires?
This was exactly the problem. Turns out, I forgot to take my hub spacers off before re-installing my stock rims. I had completely crushed my hub spacers, causing my wheels to wobble slightly. Thanks!
comment Wobbly Steering-wheel after changing Rims/Tires?
It's actually more like a fast shake. This shake does not sway my vehicle in any way like it would if my wheels were out of line but it is different than normal. I've found the shaking is less when on flat surfaces, and happens a bit more when driving on busy roads with semi-truck rivets. Also, my current tires are all Seasons, and I don't believe that they are directional tires, but could it be that they should have been put on the same as they were initially? (The dealership didn't mark them when taking them off before summer)