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I am a Computer Engineer.

Things listed below are just a few things i am knowledgeable of: C/C++/C#, java, QT, Android, linux, Object Oriented, Assembly, computer architecture, MIPS, msp430, networking, html, php, css, mysql, sqlite, oracle

comment turning right causing small vibration and noise
What all did you do to get it fixed? And how much did it cost, roughly?
comment turning right causing small vibration and noise
It seems worse in lower gears. First and Second. But that could possibly be due to the fact that i only make tight turns at those low speeds anyways. It is a grinding noise. Sounds fairly similar to the problem you are experiencing.
comment Ford Focus steering wheel vibration and noise from front right wheel4
Getting two new front tires and getting an alignment done solved my problem. I was having very similar issues.