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comment How many amps should my car pull while it is turned off?
I guess I should have clarified this in my answer. You're right Rory but some vehicles take longer to come to rest. Onboard ECUs may run for a short while after going to ignition off and so my original thought (which I didn't mention) was OP really wouldn't see 0.78AMP draw after say 5-10 minutes after entering ignition off state. Albeit you're correct. 0.78 is very high for a vehicle in the true "off state."
comment Installing a used ECM
@Mark: not sure of the field update procedures per say. I use to work on Ford SYNC (now on Cadillac CUE). The stuff I deal with is usually a step above an "ECU" where I typically am working on a full blown embedded module. The more sophisticated the higher the frequency of updates. In short, most (if not all) modules have a way to query them to get their software rev & hardware rev levels.
comment 2006 Corvette Key Fob
@John: Sorry, no I have not. Been meaning to get down to the dealer to see about this.
comment 2006 Corvette Key Fob
Thanks for your reply but unfortunately none of those steps worked including the link you provided. I had actually seen all that before posting here. I came here as a last ditch effort after scouring the web for such info.
comment Dealer service records from Toyota, Honda, Mercedes Benz - don't exist?
just a point of clarification on Ford Motor. If you walk into a Ford dealership to purchase a vehicle or to have one serviced, the system is called "Smart Vincent." Smart Vincent is a sales system that is directly connected to Ford via VPN (Virtual Private Network). To my knowledge, this is the only "system" that really has "direct access." Smart Vincent is just client program. Backend databases that Smart Vincent talks too are several.... The OP mentioned OASIS however, internally, it's called "Smart Vincent" and Ford dealers refer to it as the same.
comment Dealer service records from Toyota, Honda, Mercedes Benz - don't exist?
"Ford's OASIS system is shared". This is not true. Ford shares certain data as required by law but no outside entity has direct access to query Ford's databases. In my post I mentioned there are several databases that have different collections of data for Ford vehicles; I'm an ex Ford IT person who worked directly on these systems. Many of Ford's databases are still on mainframe (IBM Mainframe) as well as spread across various Oracle databases in multiple data centers... It's just not a single simple database like many may be envisioning.