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The group of components in a motor vehicle that generate power and deliver it to the road surface. These components can include the engine, transmission or transaxle, transfer case (if so equipped), d…
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Questions and discussions about preparing a vehicle for winter, either stored or in use. Appropriate tags should be used with this according to the part being discussed (e.g. tyres)
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An electrical component that helps safeguard electrical systems by melting or otherwise interrupting the current flow.
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A Division of General Motors. Includes models such as Grand National, Riviera, Gran Sport, Regal, Enclave, LaCrosse, and others.
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Adjustments applied to the front and rear wheels of a vehicle which allows the vehicle to track correctly. The adjustments usually referred to are camber, caster, and toe-in. Adjustments are usually a…
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operate accessories located on the engine, such as alternator, air-conditioning pump, power steering pump, etc. Most modern vehicles use serpentine style belts, but older vehicles can u…
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The Engine Control Unit. The vehicle computer which controls the functions of the engine. It takes input from various sensors and adjusts different aspects of the engine. PCM, PCU, and ECM can all be…
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Questions about diagnosing and replacing failed head-gaskets. A head gasket is used between the cylinder head and engine block, to seal the combustion chambers (cylinders), oilways and coolant paths
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French Carmaker best known for the Clio and Megane models, and Formula One team
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UK carmaker, part of the GM group. Known for models such as the Astra, Corsa and Vectra, which are often branded as Opel, Holden etc elsewhere in the world
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Anti-Lock Brakes, a saftey system that allows the driver to maintain control of the car during a panic stop. The system prevents the wheels from locking up.
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Usually refers to when a vehicle can apply power to all four wheels/tires. This capability is "on demand" and is switched on/off by the driver. This tag is differentiated from the AWD tag for this rea…
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catalyze pollutant gasses found in exhaust gasses. Is normally located after the exhaust header, but before the muffler. Can be configured as 2-way or a…
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A Ford pick-up, commonly referred to as a 1/2 ton.
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Questions about the turn signals, indicators or direction indicators fitted to a vehicle. Common issues include diagnosing and fixing poor earth connections, replacing broken lenses, etc
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