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a series of mid-size (originally compact) automobiles manufactured by Toyota since 1982 and sold in the majority of automotive markets throughout the world. The name "Camry" is an …
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Questions about identifying a part, usually to enable a replacement to be sourced. Questions asking for shopping assistance are off-topic here
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Questions about identifying, locating and repairing oil leaks from an engine, gearbox or differential
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Questions relating to the safe use of tools, safety procedures, use of safety equipment and other methods of avoiding harm to yourself or others.
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Sedan produced by the Toyota Corporation from 1966 to present.
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Questions related to the engine running without advancing the throttle.
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RPM = number of Revolutions Per Minute. Most commonly an acronym for engine crankshaft speed.
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Japanese carmaker, known for the Lancer and Evolution models
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Questions and discussions about oxygen (O2) sensors. Oxygen sensors are used to measure the exhaust gas concentration of oxygen for internal combustion engines in automobiles and other vehicles.
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HVAC - Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning.
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A container within a vehicle that stores fuel for a vehicle with an internal combustion engine.
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Referring to the automobile manufacturer Chrysler Group LLC, which is a subsidiary of the Italian auto maker Fiat. Could also refer to the flagship brand of that Group.
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Questions trying to identify the source of a strange sound coming from part of a vehicle. Best accompanied with a video, to allow answerers to hear the sound.
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A security device which requires a physical or digital key to unlock the device.
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High-end German carmaker, part of the Volkswagen group.
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an instrument that is used to operate a lock. A key is usually intended to operate one specific lock or a small number of locks that are keyed alike, so each lock requires a unique key. The k…
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A belt used in overhead cam internal combustion engines to the keep the camshaft and crankshaft synchronized
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The byproduct of oxidation of a metallic material
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A liquid petrochemical refined from crude oil and used in internal combustion engines as fuel.
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A method of mixing fuel and air to be consumed by an internal combustion engine.
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Electronic Control Unit. The vehicle computer which controls the functions of the engine based upon input from various sensors. The ECU adjusts different aspects of the engine. PCM, PCU, and ECM ca…
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A Japanese manufacturer of motor vehicles and small engine driven devices
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Measure of the force applied to an object that causes it to rotate.
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A forced induction device that increases an engine's power output and efficiency. It's consists of a turbine, driven by the engine's exhaust, coupled to an impeller which compresses and forces air int…
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Questions about troubleshooting and repairing power (electric) window systems
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The various chemicals emitted in exhaust gasses from an internal combustion engine. The usual gasses which are measured through emissions testing are Nitrogen Oxide (NO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO2), and H…
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Korean carmaker, rapidly gaining in popularity due to their long warranties