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If you're only considering top speed and not acceleration then the number of gears don't matter. The only thing that matters for top speed is aerodynamics and the power to overcome wind resistance.


The question as asked has no real answer, so let me explain a few topics that will point you in the right direction. The number of gears has no effect on top speed. The ratio of each gear is the important part. You could conceivably have a 3-speed transmission with a higher top speed (for a given RPM) than a 7-speed transmission. Having more gears can ...


It depends There are too many other variables such as: Wind resistance at top speed of the vehicles Loss of power through the various components from the engine to the rear wheel Gear ratios We can get some of this information, such as gear ratios, but the other components necessary are beyond our reach. I don't believe your question can truly be ...

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