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If the engine will run, I doubt you've "blown the engine". Usually a blown engine indicates that it's dead. Caputski. Bon Voyage. Sailed for greener pastures. In your case, I would bet one of the gaskets has let go of the goods. It appears that the side case of your engine has three parts to it. I think there are some easy things to check: Check to ...


Here is the part number for your carb. This is for an OEM Yamaha carb. 3HN-14101-00-00


You can add a free flow exhaust to your system ,Since your bike is carbeuratted, if you have not upjetted your carb to accommodate the increased airflow I bet your engine is running lean that is, more air less fuel. This can seriously damage the engine. To cut costs you can remove the silencer from the cylinder , remove the catalytic converter and ...

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