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I'm not finding the part you're looking for, so I bet it'd be a tough replacement. Looking at it, there are a couple of options for you. First, you can buy two single sided connectors, like this: Using two of them, you can place it onto your sensor and connect it to the existing wiring harness. You could always dismantle these by taking the contacts ...


There should be a switch the Neutral Safety Switch (NSS) and reverse switch located at the shifter in the center console.


The part you are looking for can be found in the aftermarket from a company called Airtex. The PN is: AIRTEX / WELLS 1P2139 {#1507} ... You can find it on Here is a copy of their picture:


While you could buy an amplifier, you won't save money that way vs. buying a simple car radio. $100 gets you a unit with a built-in amplifier (17W per channel) and an interface for connecting your phone. It also offers a convenient way to change the volume (instead of having to unlock the phone and messing with a touchscreen). Amplifiers are generally ...

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