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OK, so we figured it out. When i was trying to connect the car to a computer. The computer did not start. A fuse was burned. What i did wrong in the first place ? In the radio there was a blue "power antena" wire, And from the car radio unit there was a blue wire "Source control power", i connected them (i thought blue goes to blue) - well i was wrong. ...


I'm not sure you have enough information here to go on. My best advice to you is, fix the wire and see if it fixes the problem. The wire needs to be fixed anyway, so fix it.


If both headlights cease to work at the same time, this leads us to the idea that the fault is probably not in the bulbs, but in some part that is on a common path between the electrical supply and the lights. Some points you could take a look at are: Fuse! This is probably the easiest explanation. Take a look in your fuse box (often under the dash, ...

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