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The wrench trick did it for me. Carefully applied pressure with a long handled wrench and just when I thought it wasn't going to work-pop! No damage to the glass, either. The hardest part was finding the button after it popped off. It ended up under the passenger side seat almost under the rails.


In Israel people who live in dangerous areas can have their car windows replaced for free. They replace the front windshield with bullet proof glass. The side windows are replaced with some type of plastic to protect from rock throwing. The side windows do scratch and turn a yellowish color after a few years and then they can be replaced.


One insight I got in a similar question about house windows on a different SE site: The assumption that you want unbreakable windows in a car might be wrong. If you crash your car in a way that jams your doors - e.g. someone rams you against a wall from the side - the side and rear windows provide a quick method of escape if you have an emergency hammer ...


My insurance company (and others, perhaps almost all) want a window to be repaired if the pit/crack is small enough to fit under a dollar bill. So when I had a rock thrown up at my windshield and it resulted in a crack growing 4 inches later that day, they insisted upon having a repair instead of replacing the entire window. I am very skeptical of such a ...


I think in answering this question you need to answer the initial question which is fundamentally, is plexiglass used for glazing in road cars. The answer to this question is that it is a very definite yes, it is used. One example of a production vehicle that uses plastic windows is the Porsche 911 GT3 (991 GT3 R). Taken from wiki information about the ...

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