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tl dr: There are no major safety issues with using wax on your windows. I have done it before without issue. It will do a couple of things for you. First, it will fill in minor imperfections in the glass. When I say minor, I mean the really minor stuff. This will help it look more optically clear. The second thing it will do is cause a whetting effect with ...


Either the switch is bad or there's a break in the wiring due to corrosion. Gain access to the windshield washer switch connector and check for power on the red wire. If you have power at the switch and not at the pump there's a break in the wiring. If you don't have power on the red wire check the yellow wire for power. If the yellow wire has power replace ...


The wrench trick did it for me. Carefully applied pressure with a long handled wrench and just when I thought it wasn't going to work-pop! No damage to the glass, either. The hardest part was finding the button after it popped off. It ended up under the passenger side seat almost under the rails.

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