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Wipers are made from rubber. The quality of the rubber and its ability to squeegee the water off the glass is what you are actually buying. You get what you pay for. Generic vs Bosch... Obviously one is better and will last longer before ripping or crumbling apart. Wipers come in whats called an assembly that attach to the windshield wiper pole that is ...


How does an Rain sensing wiper work? Most modern cars have a device called a Optical Rain Sensor fitted onto the windscreen to detect rain and other obtrusive material. It simply works by firing an infra-red wave at an angle (45 degrees) from one side towards a receptor. When there is nothing on the wind shield the receptor picks up the infra red wave and ...


Problems like this are usually because of a loose ground wire somewhere. Intermittent electrical failures are amongst the hardest problems to diagnose. Without further information (like the make/model/year of the vehicle), it is really hard to help you diagnose this further.


You aren't the only one to have this problem... According to what I'm reading the Ragosine grease was probably discontinued because they contained lead at some point. They still make greases to that MIL spec though, so check out ROYCO 49 as a substitute for the Ragosine Listate. I'm referencing this site and your spec: ...


Try and see if you can get hold of Castrol waterpump grease and use that instead


I live in NH it snows a lot here a lot of the winter season... I don't pull my wipers back, BC I fear rust from all the salt and crud from the roads... I do however, place newspapers between wipers ams windshield and all over windshield to easily remove snow and avoid ice directly to my windshield. Hope this answer helps!


I believe it is possible to adjust the length of most wiper arms, but I don't think it is the best solution for your problem. It is not a common adjustment that one would make. The size the wipers are based on the size of the windshield and the placement of the wiper mounts as you figured. They are at a fixed length to ensure they get full coverage of the ...

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