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The problem is probably your Wiper Motor Pulse Board Module (ACDELCO pn 12367295). This will control the behavior of your wipers. If any of the board has corrosion or a bad part on it, weird things can happen. If you just replaced the wiper motor, this should have been included with it. It may be that you got a bad one.


It could be a blown fuse as you suggest. It could also be that the motor isn't receiving current due to a break in the wiring. The multimeter should come in handy to verify this - check to confirm that a voltage drop registers across the pump motor terminals when the wiper stalk is engaged. It may also be that the motor in the pump has gone bad - check for ...


I'm pretty sure the electronics on your wiper motor has gone bad (or is going bad). The switch in the cockpit is there to instruct the wiper electronics what your intention is. When you turn the wiper on, it commands the motor to do its thing. If the wipers are coming on of their own volition, it's because the electronics are telling the motor to come on. ...


When the wipers turn on do they always turn on at the same rate? try changing the intermittent speed level if so equipped.

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