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Every dealership has a "black book" which is a legally enforceable code regarding time spent on labour pertinent to repair.Insist on a fixed price up front and ensure any defunct parts are returned to you.If repairer is not agreeable go elsewhere.It goes without saying;the more competition the cheaper the cost.


Check under the rear of the car you should be able to see the rear differential. it is the aluminium finned item between the rear wheels If you don't have on then you definitely don't have a quattro, you should also check the VIN to make sure. The driveshaft it self is kinda hard to see depending on the angle. If your car was sold to you as a quattro ...


All Audi Qauttro's have a driveshaft that connects the front differential with the rear differential. Your car does not have 4wd if it does not have a driveshaft. In my country (Denmark) you can add the car to your profile at https://my.audi.com and add the VIN of the car. Then you can see all information about the car including factory installed options ...

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