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A wider tire does not give more traction because of the width of it. Surface area does not impact friction. Friction is calculated by force of the contact (in this case weight) and the friction coefficient. They use a different compound for the wider tires that require the size, so the sidewalls can support the vehicle. Having a wider tire will increase ...


Okay, you've got it a bit backwards; Let me explain. An open differential has what is commonly referred to as your "spider gears". These in combination with clutch packs allow one wheel to apply more torque or rotate quicker for better traction and so your wheels don't bind up during sharp cornering or if you lose alot of traction to one tire. A Closed ...


Are there any other precautions that I should take when using snow chains? Not really ... what they give in the instructions are spot on. DO NOT exceed the 40mph or vehicle damage will ensue. You can also lose control of the vehicle if running faster than recommended. Running chains on bare roadways will cause damage to the road surface. Why can't I ...


Go to a paint shop. They can look up the color codes for your vehicle.

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