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the answer is to install a little teflon spacer between steel and aluminum just like we do on transport trucks


Looks like that's a piece of your brake rotor's dust shield. As techturtle said, its lack doesn't pose an immediate danger, but since it keeps debris out of the brakes, you should get it replaced at your earliest convenience to avoid undue wear. I don't have any specific knowledge of your car, but if replacing it does not involve moving the caliper, it ...


If you want it to look nice/new/fresh/exciting, you will not be able to get it this way without removing the wheel. There is just no way of completely cleaning/coating the caliper without removing the wheel. Your best bet to get them cleaned up is to: Remove the wheel Pull the caliper from it's mount Remove the pads (keeping them in positional order for ...


You are given yourself undue consternation. The tyre sizing protocol is just one way of identifying a tyre size which has been universally adopted. The tyre size for a vehicle is decided at its design stage. To change to a differant size, say my cars tyres which are 205/55 16, the maths are : Multiply the tyre’s width by the aspect ratio to get aspect ...


Styling is pretty much the only real difference here. There is no inherent advantage to one over the other. Obviously The manufacturer is going to test their wheels to ensure the wheel meets a particular spec they (or the DOT) setup. Many wheels with thinner appearing spokes will actually run deeper into the wheel. While you don't see the extra material, ...


Well I've inspected underneath the car, everything looks straight and nothin has snapped. The suspension looks fine but I cant really tell if it has moved in anyway. Also the right wheel is rubbing on the spring thing that's above the wheel when I turn either way.

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