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The most likely cause is that broken mount - your chassis will be flexing, especially in a 30 year old van, so get that fixed first. There could be various other causes as well (bearings, suspension arms, stub axles etc) but you need to get to a solid platform first before trying to diagnose any further.


Alloys tend to lose air after a while due to corrosion on the rim/tyre junction. In the past I have taken them to an engineering company who will skim the rims back to perfection. Problem solved but did cost £35 per wheel.


A larger wheel diameter WILL influence the dashboard's readings IF the sensor that reads data is placed on the wheel (like on bicycles, but usually on motorcycles it is placed near the brake), as it calibrated for a certain wheel. If the sensor is placed (very often) on the front sprocket, readings won't be affected.


Dirt bikes and enduros do this. Choppers too. Their frames and suspension styles are built around the wheel sizes though. So, unless you are riding a bike that comes "stock" with two different sized wheels, I would not recommend it. On any bike that goes highway speed, you should be especially careful, since you may place more strain on forks or other ...

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