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For the majority of brakes, they should be fine after a track day, but the real risks come from significantly overheating the brake fluid, or from stopping with hot brakes and having them cool while parked. This is why at track days it is always recommended that you stop after ten or so laps, if you have standard brake systems, to allow your brake fluid and ...


My experience, limited to a few very specific configurations is: I've never had rotor warping issues even after a LOT of heat in the brakes (both from track days and also stuck brakes while driving on the express way). I've used generic NAPA rotors, OEM rotors, and fancy heat/cryo treated ones. I can't tell any difference between any of them. They all ...


All of the other answers are great, but I just want to add that rotors are very, very hard to "warp" from 'normal' use (including track day abuse). Any variance in thickness is because pad material has transferred from the pad to the rotor. Turning the rotor gets rid of this. See "Warped Brake Disc And Other Myths".


As Cinelli said, you'll have to do extensive work to the header and possibly the rods,pistons and bolts too. But here's a little secret: manufacturers always leave a wide and comfortable margin of error in their mass-produced engines to make them more durable. In the case of your 320i, it is entirely within safe limits to increase almost any ...

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