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According to Toyota it's a low engine coolant temperature indicator. Looks like they refer to the light in the instructions on what to do when you car overheats See page 321 here


Tire pressure goes up and down with the weather. As we know from physics, gas and volume and pressure are all controlled by temperature: pv=nrt. The car may have indeed been low pressure when you drove it off the lot (presumably during a cold spell), and after some combination of heat from driving on the pavement / warmer weather, the pressure may have come ...


First of all, I doubt it's a huge issue with your vehicle. If you did a visual inspection of the tires (or even with a tire pressure gauge) and found there wasn't any issues, I wouldn't think it's an issue. Remember, as well, most TPS systems will register a problem if the pressure is too high, too low, or if a sensor quits transmitting. It (obviously) seems ...

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