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It looks as if the unloading valve is staying open hence all the boost going to waste. The valve then intermittently closes to function normally and randomly stays open.


If your engine is the ABA engine, it's located in the distributor. You have to disassemble the distributor in order to get it out. For the money, they suggest it's a good time to replace the entire distributor. (NOTE: I'm not promoting that site ... please do your research and get what is right for you. Please notice what is said on the line for the sensor, ...


From your description, it sounds as though you have a hole in a freeze plug. In most cases this can be fixed without engine removal or major work, though it will take some work to get to it and get it replaced. I would not run the engine any more until you get it fixed. A qualified mechanic should be able to take care of it for you without issue. What ...


You have a problem with your gear linkage. Either part of the fore-aft linkage is broken, or it's not connected properly.

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