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I found out what it is. It controls the air recirculation flap to the cabin. Nothing to do with the engine at all. Just above the input and output pipes to the heater core on the firewall is a little plastic nozzle. This is what this actuator is supposed to be connected to.


You could possibly get it out, but putting it back in would be nearly impossible. To do it correctly, you should put new bearings throughout (rods & mains). Putting new main bearings in requires checking clearances. You would not be able to do this by having the crank hang on the bearing caps. Since you spun a bearing, the engine block should be ...


The Polo has a plastic impeller on its water pump spindle which can and does break off causing a loss of water flow and overheating. The thermostat has a pin location locating it in housing. These too can break. The fan coming on -as soon as you start up- means the coolant sensor on the engine and the one on the bottom of the radiator are, one or both, are ...


The secondry air pump and system is provided on your vehicle to 'lean out' the exhaust in the cat, until the cat is hot enough to operate correctly. This usually lasts for only a couple of minutes on start-up and then the SAP is turned off.


The secondary air injection system is part of the emissions control system. Under certain operating conditions, the secondary air pump runs to bring fresh air into the exhaust system. It supports the proper function of the catalytic converter by making sure there's enough oxygen in the exhaust gas. Will it hurt anything to drive the car? It could ...

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