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It is a little difficult to understand what you are trying to do. Have you considered an invertor plugged into your cigar lighter. This will supply various output voltages and will keep your vehicle electronics seperated from your gadgets, safe guarding both. You would also be able to run an invertor off of a spare battery. You would then not flatten your ...


The ultimate answer is "yes". You can paint it lime green with purple polka dots if you really wanted to. If you want to do it right and make it look good, you'll need to: Pull the engine/transmission and separate them. Clean the heck out of the entire assembly. Remove or cover any parts which you do not want painted (such as accessories or intake/exhaust ...


Thanks for the replies, turned out I needed a new lambda sensor!


According to the 2013 TDI maintenance schedule for US market (PDF, via tdiclub.com), oil and filter changes occur every 10 000 miles (synthetic only, which allows for higher mileage between changes), same with tyre rotations; fuel filter replaced every 20 000 miles. This would be covered under 30 000 miles US Carefree Maintenance program included with ...

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