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Before you go off to the Stealership to have the bulb replaced, you may want to see if the bulb has lost connectivity at the plug. Since these are LED bulbs, they don't go bad very often or very fast. I believe you should be able to access the plug by removing the main headlight in your car. While this video shows you how to remove the main headlight, it's a ...


The Volvo V60 does not have bulbs, but is illuminated by LED strips. They are moulded into the assembly. Because of the recent manufacture of your vehicle the after market will not yet have a pattern part for it. You will need to visit a Volvo dealer for a replacement.


I had the same problem this morning with my 2007 s40 2.0D. The car has 125,000 miles on the clock and up until now has been very reliable. I went on a short journey this morning parked the car as normal and locked it with the key fob. On my return the car unlocked with the key fob, but when I tried to start the engine the radio & dash board operated as ...


Your key(s) can only be programmed using the appropriaten Volvo compatable diagnostic equipment. Primarily as an anti-theft of the vehicle proceedure.

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