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My suggestion would be to chase the wiring directly rather than trying to identify all the parts of a system your mechanic did not even identify for you. If possible, find an electrical diagram for the car online. A Google search for 2001 volvo v70 wiring diagram turned up many images of wiring diagrams that should be very helpful. To trace this back, ...


You can find the parts list for Volvo online here. The link of interest will be Home> Volvo> V70> 2001> Electrical system> Switches, turn indicators, main and dipped beams, WIPER/WASHER And it looks like the smallest part they sell is the entire turn signal switch. It looks like they run between $67 and $148.. Hmm.. not cheap. The price depends on the ...


Sounds like he bought a new battery to try to fix the issue but it did not. There may be other causes (like fuses, wiring, a non-genuine immobilizer) but the next logical assumption is that the starter and/or starter solenoid have failed.

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