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With the moderate amount of lift you've described (1" to 1.5"), you shouldn't need a to drop your transfer case. Dropping the transfer case is done to straighten the angles on the front and rear drive shafts. In your case, consider the length of the drive shafts and the amount of lift. I don't know the dimensions of the XJ, but consider the length of the ...


Although, your point about cold engine mounts applies, I would doubt they heat up enough to significantly affect vibration transfer to the interior. Instead, what you might look at is increasing your idle speed a bit if that's easily doable. Every engine has a range of natural resonance, the range where the engine simply vibrates more than in other ranges. ...


Just had new rims and performance tires installed on a 2001 CLK430. Same vibration through the steering wheel at 100 kph (ish).....regardless of road surface.....going to get the fronts rebalanced first as they did an alignment and checked the suspension during the install. I'll post the results.

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