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The reason you are getting the vibration is, the engine should idle at around 800rpm. Down at 500rpm vibration will be a lot more pronounced. You shouldn't get any vibration up at 1000+rpm. I've read reports on other sites people feel it clears up around there. Even at 800rpm there will be a slight vibration. I'm thinking you already had a vacuum leak at ...


It could be: new parts parts removed and replaced as part of the service work parts that may have been close to worn out that may have been stressed past their limits by the work Or it could even be coincidental - your car is reasonably old and things can just fail. Unfortunately this is just too broad. Sounds like the mechanics are going through ...


My father had the exact same problem that you describe on his 2007 Honda CR-V and it turned out to be a drive shaft. Apparently they fail quite regularly on this model. Replacing the shaft resolved the issue.


With the moderate amount of lift you've described (1" to 1.5"), you shouldn't need a to drop your transfer case. Dropping the transfer case is done to straighten the angles on the front and rear drive shafts. In your case, consider the length of the drive shafts and the amount of lift. I don't know the dimensions of the XJ, but consider the length of the ...

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