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Your Sonata has a cabin air filter (CAF). You should try to change that out first. More than likely, you have some mildew built up somewhere. The CAF is the first place to start.


I'm not exactly positive about the BMW, but would assume it's just like any other car. The A/C uses the same fresh air locations as the rest of the system. When in recirculation mode, the air is forced to go back through and into the cabin interior with little air being drawn from the outside. In order for the air to be cool (when going through the A/C ...


In case you had the engine off while the fans were on, your car was in the "ON" state, which powers all the electric systems of your car. The fans were consuming most of the power which have drained the battery very quickly. You've started your car right on time to retain just as less energy as was needed to get your engine running again. The smell you ...


While the HVAC system paths will vary greatly between cars, try these first: If the items are metal or contain metal, use an extendable magnet to reach straight in, or if it is further in then use a magnet tied to a string or dental floss. You can use a long hook (used in dentistry) to reach in and hopefully loop the item, or again attach it to a ...

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