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Your Sonata has a cabin air filter (CAF). You should try to change that out first. More than likely, you have some mildew built up somewhere. The CAF is the first place to start.


As I mentioned in the comments, you can try looking down the vent with a flashlight to see if the object is visible. On the off chance the object is made of ferrous material, you can get a telescoping magnetic grabber tool for fairly cheap at a hardware store and try sticking it down the vent. There are also small claw style grabbers if the magnet doesn't ...


While the HVAC system paths will vary greatly between cars, try these first: If the items are metal or contain metal, use an extendable magnet to reach straight in, or if it is further in then use a magnet tied to a string or dental floss. You can use a long hook (used in dentistry) to reach in and hopefully loop the item, or again attach it to a ...

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