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I am not sure about Saab, but BMWs have a blowout resistor that controls the fan speed. The telltale that the resistor went bad is erratic/inoperative fan behavior.


In lieu of a better (more specialized) answer, I would use high temperature grease. Nothing too expensive though, I doubt those hinges get hotter than 500F.


The best method I've heard for cleaning really dirty vents is compressed air. Depending on the sources available, you should be able to blow most of the loose dust off the sides of the ventilation system. Even a can of compressed air from the local office supply store is better than nothing. Obviously, depending on the configuration of a particular car, ...


STOP DRIVING IT until you get the exhaust leak fixed .You can easily be overcome by the carbon monoxide.While driving the air moving under the car is sweeping away the exhaust,when you are still the exhaust is leaking into the passanger compartment.

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