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This is symptomatic of a loose or poor earth on the lamps. It may be either the front or the rear earthing point. The other item to consider is the indicator/hazard unit, it may be starting to fail.


Two things. First, you can almost guarantee with the blinker going fast one of the bulbs are out. This might include any of the small bulbs which are side markers as well as the main lights which are front/rear. Look around the "good" side of the vehicle with the blinkers on to figure out where the small bulb might be, then look to see if it is flashing on ...


Double check side marker/turn indicator bulbs. Many times a side bulb will stop working (check the good side to ensure you know where to look on the bad side) causing the same fast blinking which you see when a front or tail light has gone dark.


From what I see, the bulb is a 1157A. These are very standard bulbs and can be picked up most anywhere (Walmart, AutoZone, Checkers, O'Reilly's, etc). The "A" in the identification indicates it as an amber bulb. You can find the 1157 which is the same exact bulb without the amber tint.


Your blinker module is broken. This is on the left side behind the steering wheel. There is some mechanical part connected to the steering wheel. If you turn blinker right, some little tooth came out of this module. Then if you turn the wheel back, it touch the tooth of the steering wheel and release to blinker to neutral. Maybe if you build up this module, ...


It seems your multifunction switch is probably bad. It should be fairly easy to pull this switch to inspect it. I found these instructions to gain access: The turn signal canceling is part of the function of the 'multifunction switch'. This is a switch mounted on the steering column by 2 screws. Once you take the covers off, you can see the ...

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