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The more air allowed under a vehicle the greater affect this air will have on fuel economy. The lowered front air deflector will reduce the amount of air and thereby improve fuel economy. The large over the road trucks have several new air types added in recent years for the same reason. The most noticeable has been the long skirts under the trailers.


As @MooseLucifer said in the comment, these deflector strips are generally there for air deflection. They do two things - one, they change the air pressure under the car helping stability at speed, and two, they (sometimes) help divert airflow up to the radiator. In my experience, you always end up leaving it somewhere in the woods by accident.


Check the grounds and fuses battery could be junk jump the starter from the battery to the starter and if it works change the fuse


Whoa. Your 1988 F150 is TOTALLY NOT set up to run "flex fuel" E85. Please, don't do that. Just don't. Basically you are suggesting running your vehicle on 85% moonshine. Truth is, due to some hygroscopic stuff and regulatory nonsense, it might only be 75% alcohol. ETOH, ethyl alcohol, ethanol, moonshine, flex fuel, corn fuel, boogie juice. Whatever ...


The first thing to check is the fuel filter. The ethanol can dislodge dirt etc in the tank that's been sitting there, and will go into the filter. I've often found that when running e85 the first few weeks/months you need to change the filter a couple of times. But beyond that, is the engine tuned to run e85? It has very different combustion properties to ...

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