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You may possibly have a bad tire or wheel, or a badly worn tie rod end or ball joint or suspension bushing, or a cracked suspension control arm, or a binding brake pad/shoe. Generally, alignment issues in the absence of worn or damaged parts will result in very consistent steering anomalies... with the exception of severe toe-in/toe-out issues, which may ...


Yeah, I think alignment could be the problem. But at that much you could see the difference even optical. The bursts comes because the wheels goes apart and then jumps back together or the other way. Could be also an oblique axis, but by doing alignment they will find this out.


As they are 'pencil coils' on your vehicle, you can transfer the supect coil on to a differant plug. If the coil now works correctly whilst the one it was swopped with starts to 'misfire' on number three plug then you know you are dealing with a fault with No.3 cylinder. Secondly try replacing No3 spark plug with one you have removed and know to be working ...

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