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i am sure the engine gasket, pistons rings or cylinders are the problem. if you have high mileage are the rings or cylinders,if you run the car without coolant or is running hot is the gasket. the worst case scenario is a crack in the engine block


What you see could very well be burned coolant as well as oil. As the glycerin burns in the combustion process it can take on corrosive properties that degrade the electrodes. Typically with oil in the combustion chamber you don't see as sever of a an electrode degradation as illustrated in your photos. I think your head gasket change is looming and ...


My first thought is that the trailer brakes are correctly adjusted and the trucks are out of adjustment. Excessive pedal pressure (movement) is required to engage the truck brakes. This over brakes the empty trailer causing the lock-up.


The issue most likely is, the trailer was empty. The brakes are designed to work well when the trailer is full. As you can imagine, if the dump was full of loose gravel there'd be quite a load in it. When the trailer is empty, the same amount of force on the brake pedal can cause the brakes to lock up easily. This is something more for the driver to worry ...


Removing the acoustically engineered OEM intake and replacing it with a bit of pipe and cone filter is likely to result in a decrease in bhp. Most of the independent before and after tests done on non-turbo vehicles find that reduces performance.


Firstly, check for any signs of fluid leak (if you've not done so already) - has the level in the reservoir changed? (fluid leaks aren't always obvious, the level changing is the best indication) How old is the truck, and when was the fluid last changed? It might be worth changing it anyway... The fact that you can change the behaviour by pumping it ...


Would there be a substantial enough of a horsepower boost to be noticeable? The most you could see from such a modification is 15hp. This would not be enough for the seat dyno to register, unless there are plenty of hemorrhoids to detect it. More then likely you'd see a measly 5-10hp, and then only at the higher RPM levels would this be apparent. You ...

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