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The existing oil residue will make it difficult to tell the source of the leak. I suggest you clean the entire area (copious amounts of brake cleaner usually does a decent job) and then run the vehicle a little to see if you can trace the source of the leak.


Considering that I think it could be the front main seal in the transmission, doing the pan gasket is not only an easier job to do, but you can also change the filter while you are there. If the pan gasket fixes it, you're golden. If it doesn't, changing out the pan gasket and filter is not expensive and could probably use the change anyway. If you don't ...


tl dr - Upgrade to a 2500 or 2500HD pick-up. There are several issues you'll notice when hauling at the maximum and over the maximum of the towing capacity of the Avalanche. First off, the 2007 & 2008 MYs came with the 4L60e transmission. Why GM ever put these in a pickup truck is beside me. These were meant to go into passenger cars. While they are ...

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