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This is not a very easy topic. You are going to want to figure this stuff out for yourself and then do some testing to verify your design assumptions work the way you think they will. For the max steering angle you should be able to get that from different tractor manufacturers. Frankly if it were me, I'd be grabbing a tape measure, a set of old skool ...


They provide the driver with coverage of two significant blind spots. Especially in cities, there are numerous accidents with cyclists, pedestrians or even small cars being in that blind spot and being hit. These mirrors allow the driver to cover those blind spots and be sure no one is there before he begins a manoeuvre. Safety legislation in Europe may be ...


I'm late to the game, but maybe it helps others as well... Your description should work, but there's one catch: make sure you follow the steps on the passenger seat not the driver seat. You also need to press the knob once to toggle it from b_on to b_off as HasH_BrowN wrote in his answer.

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