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Crank seals generally don't fail catastrophically - they fail rather gradually, leaking more & more over time. You can get by with a leaky crank seal for a long time before it really MUST be replaced; you just have to keep an eye on the oil level.


When ever you have more then one oil leak on an engine, especially at higher mileages, check the PCV for good operation. A poor PCV valve or hoses will allow crankcase pressure to cause oil leaks. Although you can expect really good mileages from modern oil seals, any seal on any engine can start to fail and it would not really be possible to give a definite ...


Check the oil first, whether you think you have a leak or not. That ticking sound may be classic lifter noise from low oil level, or it could be a likewise classic rattle ("knock") from an overheated engine. If you really believe it's not an oil leak onto the exhaust, then check the wheels. If your brakes are getting hot enough to glaze the pads (this makes ...


Check the cam cover gaskets and any other gaskets for oil leakage. It could be you have an oil drip onto your exhaust causing the 'smoke'.


You vehicle needs to checked over by a transmission shop, or main dealer, no other way forward. The brakes would also need to be checked in case they are binding and causing drive problems. Many drivers today have problems with the 'Cost of Ownership'. Here in the UK owning a vehicle such as yours would cost around £7000 per year. American service personnel ...

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