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Well after having no luck in trying to resolve the issue myself, we finally took the vehicle in. The technician was able to only get one code after trying to get it to reproduce the issue. Fuel Pressure Sensor fault. We had it replaced, a week latter now and still running strong. The technicians explanation was that the fuel pressure sensor pump starts to ...


If the belt was off a tooth it could give that response. My MR2 idled fine, but would barely get over 25mph after the timing belt jumped a tooth (and it sounded like a lawnmower). Could also be something else disconnected during the process though like Paulster2 mentions.


Disconnect the sender unit and check the continuity with an ohm meter. If if measures open circuit the sender is faulty and should be replaced.


You would best be advised not to drive the vehicle before you have had it inspected for any damage by a mechanic or tyre centre. Your reported observation on the change you have noticed only goes to show that something is damaged, and it may be a case of it about to completely break. Have it inspected.

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