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Here is a diagram for the basic 4 wire trailer. Yellow - Left Stop/Turn (the big filament as you described in the left bulb) Green - Right Stop/Turn (the big filament as you described in the right bulb) Brown - Parking/Marker lights (the small filament as you described in both the right and left side bulbs) White - Ground They all hook to the ...


Many older cars with a tow ball had no electrical outlet - back in the day regulations weren't as strict on adding lights to trailers etc. Many modern cars either have an outlet, or have a factory option for adding one. Typically, Camry's from about 97 or 98 have a panel you need to remove inside the trunk. This does vary a bit between versions, but this ...


The following applies to wiring basic rear lights for an un-braked trailer. Wiring up tow-bar electrics is fairly simple if you have a few tools, even if the car doesn't have a connector specifically for a tow-bar connection. You need not know the colour scheme of the car's wiring either. Each pin on the tow-ball plug goes directly to the positive wire ...


I haven't used one of these, so I can't speak from personal experience, but this connector looks promising. I found a review of the connector, I have no idea how independent it is, but it goes into the build details.

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