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Too lean = too little fuel. I would probably try the fuel injector cleaning (Techron or comparable product) first and see if that clears up the issue. Next try swapping the fuel filter since this is usually a pretty simple/inexpensive repair. (Sorry, can't comment with current reputation)


You can try and get the transmission flushed and might get a few more thousand miles out of it, but from the sounds of it, your tranny is toast. It will either need a rebuild or a swapped out for a new/rebuilt one. What is happening is the soft parts of the transmission (bands/clutches) are worn out. They no longer have any grip to give you the momentum. ...


While externally the '05 would fit in the '06 (same dimensions, bolt-up, etc), my understanding is the internals are different. In '06 they "redid" the engine internally, which means the 05 will not work for you. You can use the engine out of an 07, but you'd need to swap your '06 injectors into the other engine.

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