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I also have a AWD Trailblazer, and low diff oil can cause uneven gear wear (mine is perennially low because I have a leaking diff seal which the dealer can't get out). As the oil heats up, the vibration can become more prominent because the thick oil is no longer damping the vibration. You may also want to check that your wheels are balanced. You might ...


I'd get a multimeter and check though the circuit - as Brian says the point at which the current is switched is a common failure point - either in the switch or the relay if one is fitted. I've never heard of a body modulator and can't see how one would be fitted in a headlamp circuit!


If you can get a copy of the electrical diagrams, you can trace them through and start testing each piece involved in the circuit. I had a similar problem with a Mitsubishi once, and it ended up being a bad headlight stalk... The low beam portion had failed somehow without impairing the high beam or parking light functions!


I found some information that indicates that a dirty ground connection on the motor could be causing the issue. That, or the control board is shot. You might want to clean off the ground connections with some fine sand paper (400 grit) to see if that fixes the issue. WIPER MOTOR TROUBLESHOOTING.PDF I have also found threads that suggest using lithium ...


Second-guessing the root cause is not necessary. If you have access to an OBDII reader (roadside mechanics usually do nowadays), you can hook it up to the OBDII port and get a clear indication of what sensor is generating the warning. I faced something similar recently and learnt that my oil pressure switch needed replacement.


There is a relay in the fuse box under the hood on the driver's side. On a 2004, it's #46 and labeled 'HDM Relay'. YMMV. You can swap it with a known good relay (same type from the box for something you know is working). #45 should be the same (on a 2004 at least) and should be the engine fan clutch. If the headlights work after the swap, swap them back ...

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