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Most likely cause: One of the sensors in a tire is faulty - and often it is the spare, as it doesn't get looked at very often. Take it along to your dealer and get them to check the sensors are all working and powered.


There are two basic types of systems, direct and indirect. You have an indirect system. Direct systems use a pressure sensor and transmitter for each wheel. They send pressure information from each wheel to a computer module on the car. Some of these systems provide real time pressure and temperature readings to the driver. Here is an example of one of the ...


It could be that you have a wheel sensor going bad in one of your rims. Also, when you say you "The tire pressure on all four tires is OK." ... are they over pressure? The light could come on if there is too much air in a tire just through expansion because it is getting warmer out. I'm not sure if this is viewable through a code reader on the Hyundai, but ...


If this is the part you are trying to replace: You can have it replaced. The cost of the part is under $5 from rockauto.com (I'm sure it's available at other places as well). It's called a TPMS Service Kit (Schreader part #:34000).


Things to consider when having TPMS service are the age of the sensors and the cost of replacement without a tire purchase. Some sensors are serviceable. The valve core can be replaced along with the battery and the "O" ring. Most models have a life expectancy of 7-8 years. Talk to the tire retailer and find out what they charge for a repair with out a tire ...


One other thing you might check is for radio frequency interference to the TPMS from a Bluetooth-equipped device in use in the vehicle. I personally encountered this situation when using my iPad w/Bluetooth in my 2009 Hyundai Sonata Limited turned on in order to 'wirelessly' transmit audio from podcast app playback to a little Bluetooth receiver which fits ...


I have encountered a similar problem in my Hyundai Sonata 2009 Limited where the Bluetooth signal from my iPad interferes with the TPMS operation. In this case, the TPMS fault light on the dashboard cluster illuminates as opposed to the low tire pressure warning light adjacent to it .... but it's easy to mistakenly confuse the two. Happened the first time ...

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