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1) Can I shift it into neutral and push it out of the garage? You have a couple of choices to move the Prius out of the garage. You cannot shift it into neutral without the 12v battery. What you can do, however is jump the vehicle from the front end. Here is a picture I acquired from this website which shows where to put your jumper lead at (the pinkie ...


Cold air means your A/C is working; cold (or hot) air not coming out where you expect it means a problem with air distribution, which in a car that old usually means a failure of mechanical linkages between the control levers and doors that direct air among the ducts.


They are 22 ohm chip (or surface mount) resistors not transistors. They may not be bad, Toyota Corollas had issues with the solder joint and you may only need to reheat the joint, or possibly need to add solder to them. See this YouTube video on repairing the Corolla.


Thanks everyone for reply! I gave this to one electrician and he told but that 4 of them are burned. And he wanted quite a lot for replacement only because he knows what kind there are. Also I found topic with the same problem and the guy replaced them and clock was working, only he got these transistors from same circuit board. This is the topic. ...


I replaced the fronts brakes this morning, and I followed some great instructions to do this. One step was to disconnect the ground from the battery. Cool, I do that and shut the hatch. I finish the brakes and now I can't open the hatch, nor can I reconnect the battery. Here was my solution: Hook up jumper cables from my wife's car as if I were going to ...


Some remote locking have rolling codes and if you operate the remote fob enough times out of range of the car it will lose sync with the on board ecu. It then needs to be synchronized again. Simply the code recognition goes out of timing between remote fob and vehicle. You can start to get difficulty opening or locking or both. Sometimes self locking needs ...


There are two things I'd look at as the problem. First and most likely is the solenoid on the starter is almost shot. The solenoid has a large copper washer which is pressed into the two posts (one from the battery connection and the other going to the starter motor). When this wears out, you'll get a clicking sound (almost a dead thud) as the Bendix is ...

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