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This is a great vehicle dynamics question that essentially has two parts to it: Is the motor able to hit top speed, 120 mph? Is the torque enough to accelerate it to top speed within 5 seconds? The motor in question Power : 1000 W (~ 1.36 hp) Speed : 3200 RPM Torque : 1.91 Nm Something interesting to note here is the apparent discrepancy between ...


The general "rule of thumb" for horsepower ratings between crank HP (CHP) and rear-wheel HP (RWHP) is ~18-20%. An automatic transmission will be closer to 20%, while a manual transmission around 18%. As you stated, and for the same reasons, these are just a general guideline. If you have the CHP number available, multiply that number by .8. (ie: 450hp x 0.8 ...


It sounds like the VANOS seal has failed. The M50TU has a single VANOS that adjusts cam timing at a single point based on RPM. Here is a good article describing the failure symptoms and the repair procedure. http://www.beisansystems.com/procedures/vanos_single_procedure.htm

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