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There's a chance that you have a loose headlight assembly bolt. Grab the headlight assy. and try moving it in different directions. if this isn't the case, the lamp adjustment screw could be broken and you'd likely need a new assembly. try using different sizes of phillips head screwdrivers. chances are the shaft of the driver is too wide to turn the ...


Sourceforge has this scantool.net open source application. I have used it on my laptop with a USB to ODBII converter on various vehicles. You can google "USB to ODBII" and get multiple hits to procure this cable converter. Here is the LINK to the software download. It also comes with source code. Good luck.


There's a lot of work going on in this space, so the answer is "Yes, Of course!" Here is a Python project: http://www.obdtester.com/pyobd This looks like an interesting way to get data from the car, but doesn't seem to really be about trouble codes or diagnostics: http://openxcplatform.com/getting-started/index.html This looks very outdated, but maybe ...

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