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an acquaintance of mine recently tore up a chain of an X5 (2009 model) and had to buy a whole engine. I am also investigating the matter for the same model; from BMW dealership they said it has to be inspected, as some replies here suggest. Furthermore, chains do get changed together with many other engine parts, which I do not know the names of in ...


Here is a picture of what I believe your engine should look like: The red arrow should be what you are seeing. This is the serpentine belt which drives the accessories. The green arrow is the cover which inside is where the timing belt lies. There is no real way to tell if the timing belt has been changed. After a couple hundred miles of running on the ...


My belt just broke on my vw 1.8t and it bent valves, Most of the time your just going to need a valve job and timing belt, in other cases, the head can crack, valves blown through top of motor, pistons split or crack, etc. All depends, nothing always breaks the same, theirs always some difference in failure.

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