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I have BMW 320D 2011 April and 100k miles, I left it today in the service, diagnose is timing chain to be replaced, now I'm waiting what BMW in Germany will say if they will pay for that or not. It's manufacturer problem, not mine so if they will not pay I'm going to the court and will never buy BMW again. Regards, Luke


In order of precedence: Cam belt Ball joint boot Shock absorber No. 1 Priority: I'm not sure if the Peugeot has an interference motor, but will assume it does since most vehicles these days are built as interference motors. An interference motor is one where the pistons and valve train occupy the same space inside the engine, but at different times. The ...


Do you know if the belt has already been changed, and if so, at what mileage? If it hasn't been done, I'd suggest it is worth doing - they usually need it at between 80 and 100k - the correct interval should be in your handbook. No, the MOT doesn't check the condition - You can't generally check it without dismantling anything, as it's usually hidden ...

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