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If your cam/timing belt is disturbed by any other operation on the engine, it is Industry Standard Practice to replace it. Like the Actress said to the Bishop,"Its not what you do, its the way that you do it." :-)


he may be hearing one of your pulleys making a noise. he may just want to replace the timing belt and waterpump while he has everything off. it would save u money considering u dont have to pay for the labour to do it again. but if u still have over 60000 miles to go i doubt u need one unless there are physical signs of damage or noise.


I would like to know how likely it is that it needs replacing... It is completely possible that you have a timing belt issue after only 46k miles (and almost 7 years); I believe that is what you are asking. That being said, if your car is currently running, your timing belt is intact and working. Timing belts are part of a routine maintenance and don't ...


There is a chance that your belt had some offset (1 tooth for example) and your exhaust valve was opening earlier/later. Now your belt is ok and sounds different.


If the belt was off a tooth it could give that response. My MR2 idled fine, but would barely get over 25mph after the timing belt jumped a tooth (and it sounded like a lawnmower). Could also be something else disconnected during the process though like Paulster2 mentions.


BMW's plan was for it to never be changed. Looking at some of the forums, I think advice given from this BMW site seems about spot-on: Well-l-l, I hate to say "never" but the point being, one often needs/wants to crack open & rebuild an engine for other reasons (ring/valve wear, main seals, etc.) by a quarter-million miles or so--at which time, check ...


I had a very similar problem on a Volvo a few years ago, in that case it turned out that the belt had stripped a couple of inches of teeth - so peering in the cover it looked intact, but didn't turn with the crank. This will become obvious if you remove the cover completely. You might be lucky though - a quick bit of googling reveals this quote: The ...

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